Leadership Training for Team Leaders

Result: Team leaders who are able to lead, inspire and coach others; who address problems effectively and have conversations that lead to finding solutions.

Growing as a team leader involves:
  • Increasing self-awareness so you can play to your strengths, manage your pitfalls and take on your next personal growth challenge.
  • Developing a communication “tool box” so you have the communication tools to handle different types of situations. This includes coaching and giving effective feedback, as well as the communication tools you need to inspire, motivate, delegate, problem-solve, manage up, influence, lead informally, follow up effectively, lead change and develop others.
  • Stepping back to reflect from a more strategic perspective in order to make better leadership decisions.
Leadership development with minimal training time

Not all learning goals require much training time. Other approaches may work instead of, or in combination with, a short amount of training. I can advise you on what could work well in your context.

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