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  • About Jonathan

About Jonathan

I help highly educated professionals, working in international environments, to communicate effectively, work together and lead teams.

Companies I have delivered training for include: Philips, Deltares, TNO, University of Utrecht, FrieslandCampina, Agendia and the International Baccalaureate Global Centre in The Hague.

Twice a year, I deliver the personal leadership and communication skills part of the accredited Compliance Officer Training run by The Ministry of Compliance (part of Projective group) for Compliance Officers working in the financial sector.

Although I can make entertaining and inspiring presentations when that is needed, in general I am a coaching and facilitating style of trainer.

My strong analytical thinking skills help me to connect with my often highly academically trained participants.

My calm listening approach, creativity and positive accepting attitude to participants, help to get the right subjects on the table for discussion. I can challenge and confront but with respect and safety so the defensive reactions don’t need to come up. Research in neurology shows why this approach works.

In addition to training and coaching directly, I am able to give some participants access to the innovative app from Positive Intelligence which provides very short exercises, that can support and prompt ongoing regular practice of certain skills outside the training or coaching.

Originally from England, I am a native English speaker. Now living in the Netherlands since 2010, I also have the Dutch nationality and speak Dutch.

Originally qualified in HR and Learning and Development, I have over 15 years’ experience in the area of leadership and communication skills training, including roles as a training department manager, senior trainer and freelance trainer / coach.

If you would like to know more about me, call me on 06 3754 2293 or contact me here.